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Terms of Contract

Thank you for your interest in  this opportunity.   Below are the conditions that need to be incorporated into the contract . I need to set things up in such a way that no one has to put up any money except maybe the lawyers who are going to process the patent work on this innovation. They will be responsible for setting up the account  that everyone is going to have to funnel their money into immediately upon the point in time when I send the investors my methodology video, what ever the cost associated with opening a business account in the your country is.  I do hope that seasoned advertisers with their lawyers come  on board. They will have to agree to a two week non disclosure agreement.

1) . Kelly Case gets 51% interest in the organization that will be formed in each country that participates, and 51%  in the patent respecting this intellectual property in that country. The organization can not be one that already exist, but will have to be formed from everyone contributing to the cost of the patent. Exception is if only one entity steps up to the plate in that specific country.

2) Kelly Case has no voting power on how the organization will be run with the exception of the junior partners, and has 1000 days to find someone to buy his interest in every country witch can include or exclude the US for one billion dollars or more or forfeit all his interest to the other partners that are outside the US and it territories. If KC does find someone to buy  his interest then the people who do buy his interest will assume controlling interest in the patent and every one’s organization or corporation in all those countries who have contract’s with Mr.Case and will have the power to restructure after the 1000 day’s expire in the which Mr. KC will still be able to utilize until they expire. 

3) Mr. Kelly Case gets 10% media use of everyone’s media through everyone using Mr. Case’s methodology . This will be explained more specifically in the junior partners contract.

4) . Mr. Case is responsible and liable for his own media.

5) The partner’s will be responsible for setting up the technology for Mr. Case to monitor those using his methods so Mr. Case can insure his interest are being met. Some kind of penalty will have to be incorporated into the agreement for non compliance.

6) Junior partners: Anyone who has the right to contract in the country in question and who can have a bank account. Basically anyone and there brother and will have to go sign my contracts. The contracts will be honored and upheld . The contracts will last three years,  and then will come up for renewal through your organization.

7) The organization will be responsible for filtering all the media before being posted. The organization will get 34% from all the advertising revenue from the junior partners business revenue. Note: This type of advertising is going to be symbiotic relationship between a lot of people who you wont be responsible for. 34% is still a lot of money.

8) The junior partners will be require to bank with the organizations bank and will be responsible for some kind of automatic deposit, if possible,at the times that I designate. 

9) Any one any there brother can broker an agreement between the investor’s and myself. For those who do will get 2% of the revenue received into the investor’s organization. This will be stipulated into the agreement for every broker or agent who brokers a deal between myself and the investor.

10) All of the Junior partners will be required to maintain a 1000$ balance in there account, after three months.  Mr. Kelly Case will get to designate all of the interest incurred from the junior partners account to an international lawyer or trust account for the purpose of dealing with any legal issues Mr. Case may encounter over the 1000 day period.

11) Non disclosure agreement.2 weeks.

12) Each partner is his own  business and can  have his own website to funnel the junior partners through. Some partners will have more junior partners than others.  The junior partners make the money.

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